January 2008
Getting antsy now because I want the exterior looking decent enought to drive.
Now its time for the boys to really do some work beyond handing me tools and taking out parts and putting them in the garage. Labor. Labor. Labor.

The exterior car color was decided by my son James and it will be a red metallic color.
I went out and got sandpaper and primer, etching primer, filler, and assorted other sanding implements. Already had some Bondo from a neighbor.
Total cost for this stuff is in the $100.00 range.

Working part-time it took me at least a month to sand the car. The hood and drivers side went down to metal. The paint was the original paint and was cracking only on the drivers side and rear trunk. The hood was painted 2 different colors and was
stripped. The vinyl roof was removed and I had a few spots with fairly significant rust. The usual places at the base of the windows, top of roof by trim, fender corners, and underneath the metal strip below the doors. I grinded out most of it and bondo’d it.

The rust at the corners of the fenders is still there but I dont really want to spend the time cutting it out and welding metal to replace it. Maybe Ill deal with it at a later date.

My intention with the bodywork is to simply get it looking decent. This isnt a high value or frame off restoration I want to do. Just something to do with the kids and learn
along the way. Regardless, we are having fun.

This is the result. Still a few places here and there that I will work on. Some dents and dings still around, but overall Im pleased with how it came out. Im not a professional and am
trying to keep it all in perspective. Im satisfied.

The boys sanded and primed their asses off. We had masks on and they did enjoy what roles they played in the bodywork.

Total Cost to date is $2000.00.

May 2008

Well here is how it stands now. Ive got a set of headers, a
Weber 32/36 carb, and other odds and ends to mess with and install. The paint will wait a little while now. We enjoy riding it around and the boys just love rolling all the windows down and hanging out the side. What a great experience so far.


March 2010

Bought a brand new Weber 32/36. Had tried to rebuild the old one without luck.
Boy, what a difference in the pickup and speed. No lag. Incredible and well worth the money ($250.00).

Total Cost to date is $2400.00

April 2010

Here we go. Painted awhile ago. Went to Maaco Auto, but they refused to do it. Went to Econo Auto Paint, and got it done for $200.00. I just wanted a paint job on it to cover up the
primer. Im happy with it for now.
Total Cost to date $2600.00.

February, 2012.
Was having a steering issue. So much play in the steering wheel. You would have to turn it about 3/4 of a turn before the car would begin to turn.
Forgot to update this and memory isnt exact, but I have photos somewhere Ill upload. Steering coupler was rotted. It was made of leather and round with riveted metal. I searched and searched and found that the steering coupler from a late 80's Toyota truck was a match. Bought it from a Toyota dealer and installed it. Pain in the ass, as you have to disconnect the steering shaft from the gear box, and manuever it into position. Either way, got it done and took care of steering issue. Damn car was driving whichever way it wanted to. I think the cost was about $80.00.

Total Cost to date $2680.00